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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Inbetweeners

"If you like this(show), you probably weren't cool when you were younger" - Executive Producer of Inbetweeners
This is a show I am so grateful that my friends Awesome/Emily and Troy/Helen told me about. It's about four guys who are in struggling through their sixth form (the school year when they prepare for A-levels/end of high school) because they're socially awkward and end up getting into lots of embarrassing situations. It's on E4 which is the same channel that puts out Skins. In an interview one of the Inbetweeners boys says that Skins is what you wish your teenage years were like and Inbetweeners is actually what ended up happening.

HERE you can watch all of both seasons. It's hilarious.

E4 - The Inbetweeners Series 2 - kewego
Trailer of The Inbetweeners Series 2

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