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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've recently started watching a show called Skins which is from British channel E4. There's a group of high school kids and each episode focuses on one of them while still including story lines with the others. It's different from other shows with a similar cast in that there aren't really lessons being learned or ideals being preached. If someone has sex, they don't get pregnant or re-examine all their morals. They get drunk a lot but don't seem like complete idiots. Some of them take pills but don't seem like addicts. One girl has a known eating disorder but there's not a big intervention and she's not terribly depressed. They're just normal teenagers. The show has gotten praise for being fairly realistic concerning how teens, I'm assuming those in England, are today. If it's truly realistic than all English parents are kind of terrible.

Also, there's a clear difference between this show and American programming in that we can't say the F-word every 5 minutes or have nudity of the back and the front.

Edit: I realized that I didn't communicate that I love this show and think you should watch it. Sid is my favorite even though at times he's terribly pathetic. He steps up towards the end of the first season and thus maintains status as my favorite. I also love Anwar because he's played by Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire. You might recognize Tony from About A Boy with Hugh Grant.

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