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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love and Marriage

Joanna Goddard is a blogger and magazine writer who just got married last weekend. While she is gone on her honeymoon she's having lots of guests write posts about what their secrets are to a good, happy marriage. They're all really great and lovely and restore your hope for long lasting unions in our sad divorce culture. Check out her blog A CUP OF JO.

<-- That's a picture of Joanna and Alex at their engagement photo session

There's also a really great article about marriage from the New York Times. The woman who wrote it is very impressive. Talk about being selfless. Please read it.
Those Aren't Fighting Words, Dear by Laura A. Munson

In a totally different direction here is a post about why nice guys do finish last. I don't know if I completely agree but there is definitely a merit of truth in there.
"You want to know why nice guys finish last? It’s because they aren’t willing to take a chance, they’re too tied to their rules. "

"What we really need to hear and more importantly feel (at that moment — from you, the nice guy)) is that we’re sexy, that our inner organs that separate us from you guys are actually worth something. That we’re so beautiful that you can’t and don’t care whether or not that kiss you’ve so desperately wanted to plant on us is going to ruin our friendship. We want you, the nice guy, to rebel against your rules and just do what feels right."

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