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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Congo's Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra

Would you ever imagine that deep in central Africa there was a symphony orchestra made up of average Congolese people performing Carmina Burana (in its original Latin!!) and performing it well? One of the reasons I got goosebumps watching this video is because it showed me a stereotypes I didn't even know I had. Stereotypes concerning musical taste, appreciation and ability were in my mind purely through assumption. I suppose it could be rational to be surprised people in the third world have access to certain instruments but other than that I should not be surprised by the power of music to bring people together, provide catharsis and general life improvement. Another reason for my goosebumps was because I had just seen a new side of a country which I had only been told a single story. A story of extreme sadness and hardship full of human rights atrocities. But with this video you see a more nuanced Congo! Excitement, joy, self worth, creativity, and so many more positive things. It's just so great!!!

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