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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ark Collective

If I end up going to grad school I may have to get one of these rad backpacks from Ark Collective. I heard of them a while ago and continuously find myself checking out their site. Must mean I really want one! The olive green backpack was my initial choice but I shouldn't rule out the grey too quickly either.

Ark Collective does not exist just to sell backpacks. With their Get to Give program they donate backpacks and schools supplies to children living in poverty in the Los Angeles area. In their own words.... 
"A backpack is more than just a means of storage, It’s a medium of expression and a tool for success. That is why we believe that every student should sail to school with a backpack."Another HUGE smile
(What a cute little guy!) - From an Ark Collective Pack Give Back
"The Ark Collective Get to Give model is built on the belief we can give back to our communities through collaboration.That’s why for every backpack you purchase, we give a brand new backpack to a student who is in need of one, on your behalf."

Hoffy helps her pick a pack

Photos via: Ark Collective

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