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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alex presents: Commando

Today I received an email from my friend Dionne with a link to a video. She sent it to me because she knew I used to live in Tanzania and this little boy is Tanzanian. Little did she know............ HE WAS ONE OF MY FORMER STUDENTS AND THE SCHOOL BEHIND HIM IS WHERE I TAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say, I LOVE this video. My reasons are threefold.
    1. This says his name is Alex but it is really Alhadji. When I was there he was 6 years old and so sweet. He loved to watch wrestling and be tough but was still so cuddly. I called him kidege yangu, my little bird, in Kiswahili. The little boy next to him is Shadrack and was always quieter but sweet.
    2. I miss that accent and the way Tanzanians spoke English. *sigh*
    3.Alhadji is smart, hilarious, bi-lingual, not an orphan, not a child soldier, not starving, doesn't have AIDS, and thus breaking most of the stereotypes we have about Africans. This video is from Mama Hope and is part of the Stop The Pity, Unlock The Potential campaign.

This is the first video in the Stop The Pity, Unlock The Potential campaign and I can't wait for more!!!! If you go to the Mama Hope youtube page there are tons of other videos featuring children I taught and Mr. James my boss at St. Timothy's in Pasua. Thusly, I....am....freaking....out. In a good way of course.

Here is a picture of Alhadji, on the right, and his older brother, only by one year from 2008.

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