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Monday, June 22, 2009

TZ, nakupenda kwa moyo wote

I would like to read a book from the perspective of an African child (maybe specifically east African or more specifically Tanzanian just because it's most familiar to me) who lived at an orphanage or went to a school that had western volunteers coming in and out every few weeks. Would they talk about how they associated white people with an expectancy of getting gifts or how their education was affected by a frequent changing of teachers? I would like to hear why they think the volunteers come and for such short periods of time.

And inspired by Caroline......Is it better (for the people of the country being visited) for a person to go volunteer in a 3rd world country for a short period of time (weeks) or is it better for the money they spend on the plane ticket, immunizations and other travel items to be donated to a specific cause benefiting that country's people?

Watoto kwa standardi mbili

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