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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicago Highlights

Highlights from my 24th birthday celebration trip to Chicago!
- Twink and I taking charge at the hotel and getting kindly reprimanded by a bellhop
- Eating the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had at Feast
- Eating one of the best desserts I've ever had at Feast
- The incident with the horse at dinner
- One Superior Place
- Taste of Chicago (including ferris wheel!)
- Harry Potter exhibition
- Twink getting sorted into Griffyndor
- Awkward boy getting sorted into Slytherin
- Sitting in Hagrid's giant chair from the movie
- Throwing real quaffles into Quidditch goals
- Being escorted from club to club by our new friend Omed
- Meeting the french "cyclists"
- Walking around Michigan Ave. at 3:30am in search for food
-Abby threatening to push Ryan into traffic if he took her milk
- Staying up until 6am hanging out with the BMX boys
- Large amounts of best of Will Ferrell quoting with Mike
- Abby is actually a pediatric cardiologist named Esmerelda
-Surviving with very little sleep with a surprising good attitude
- Going to the Pride Parade!
- Tara and I surviving a ridiculous amount of walking and foot pain
- "Doth God give you hands!?"
-Abby's bouts of slap happy
- Going to the Red Head Piano Bar with Tara for the best 30's singles scene in Chicago
- Having my birthday be 3 days long

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