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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carving the Mountains - Longboard Girls Crew

Seeing the "Longboard Girls Crew" fly at high speeds down a mountain road near Madrid only reinforces my unexplored high school desire to be a skater. I've always said if I went on the MTV show Made I would want to be made into a skateboarder or bmx biker. Definitely sticking with that. The video also seems a bit like an advertisement for long, straight hair. It does look nice under a helmet...

Via: Matador
Video by Juan Rayos


Anonymous said...

Man, this is sooo cool. I am saving for a pretty long board and this is inspiration to keep squeezing my pennies (well really, just stop buying coffee...)
Thanks for sharing this : )

Ngaio May

Claire said...

You're welcome! The two times I've tried to skateboard I've just fallen on my face. That's awesome that you skate!