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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woodkid - Iron

This video is visually transfixing. Without an obvious story to draw you in, the viewer is left to piece together how each of the individuals apply to one another, if they do at all. The majestic (too dramatic of a word? maybe, maybe not) horns let you know something is about to go down alongside the war drums that are essentially saying, "bring it." Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine. Singer/songwriter is only his most recent resume addition. Originally, Lemoine is a music video and commercial director as well as a photographer. You'll also notice model Agyness Deyn and black clouds of smoke that remind me of the Deatheaters from Harry Potter.


Marta said...

very cool. my interpretation: the whole war is a dream in the dead kid's mind about revenge. what about you?

Claire said...

I think it's all about those keys. They have some sort of massive importance and belong to the native american guy. All the viking/aryan people want it and think it should belong to them so they go after him. I think the boy is possibly a casualty of all the greed or possibly a trigger for the fighting. Oooor it's werewolves vs. vampires.

Ashmerge said...

or you can look at it as a representation of humanity's quest for knowledge. It's full of clues in that direction - the match, the lantern, the keys, the owl etc. Also, the characters all display the full range of attitudes towards the idea of knowledge/progress. You have the dog with the watering mouth, that doesn't understand it, but wants/chases it anyway, the native american dude who sees it as a threat/natural-act, the warrior who embodies the idea of violent conquest (violence as the driver for scientific advance), the dreaming kid, etc. There's also an interesting point to it, if you watch it in that registry.