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Friday, November 6, 2009

It Made My Day

It Made My Day or IMMD is a site full of moments that brightened someone's life. All of them are funny and it's a nice contrast to FML. Here are some examples...

"I was walking my dog when a purse snatcher ran past me and stole the poop bag. IMMD."

"This morning, i was walking down a road in my neighborhood, when suddenly i heard a very loud, epic music coming from an apartment. When i got closer, i figured it was the music from Lord of the Rings. Then i yelled “FOR FRODOOO”. And someone from the apartment yelled back “ELENDIIIIIIL!!!” IMMD"

"I was evicted last night and had to sleep in the park. When I woke up there were 8 cats asleep on me. IMMD "

"My car broke down two weeks ago. I owed 12k. Yesterday a drunk driver rammed it and totaled it. His insurance covered everything I owe, now I am free of a lemon car. IMMD"

"The girl in school who calls all the other girls sluts, showed up at school with a baby bump. IMMD"

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