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Monday, March 23, 2009

Kate Jablonski

Kate Jablonski is a 22yr old college student who is an awesome choreographer. I found her by facebook stalking Kate Kromann.

The best part is the drop around minute 2.

I like that they don't have the guy do the lifts. I also like Imogen Heap.


Mags said...

lol, i was just getting ready to post her amazingness too!

Kate said...

I got it by facebook stalking someone else, so no worries! PS -- the quote at the top of your blog is AMAZING.

illbred said...

I went to Jamaica for spring break. I said, "The only way I can describe how I feeling and what I am thinking is through an interpretive dance."

I wish I would have seen these before I went so I could have busted some of these ballin' moves out. :)

Love it. :)

siljekath said...

Hi Kate! I am a MA student from Norway. I love your choreographies, and would really like to do an interview with you regarding a small task (by email or phone). I would like to ask you about you and your work, and hope you will contact me shortly.
Please contact me on my email adress: siljekathrine@hotmail.com

Silje Kathrine Tryggestad