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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sigur Ros makes the best videos


"Scott Rahin told me, “the other day I was watching this video and I just started crying.”
“What was it?” I asked.
“Sigur Rós,” he said. “And before you humiliate me—”
“Was it the one where the kids fly?”
“That's the Sophie's Choice of music videos. What you're seeing in that video is your grandparents going to heaven when they're kids. They escape all of the shit you heard about, like being beaten by the nuns or not being able to afford college, or having to tow a Dodge out of the mud with a mule. There was never that moment when you got the call, when you had to get someone to cover your college radio show, and you end up at some hospice where they leave you in the room alone with him, or her, for a few minutes and you have no idea what to say. Except you see that morphine drip and hear the gurgle in their throat and realize that pain is more complicated than carrying a black leather journal and a variety of colored pens. Twelve years later you're following links and there's some video from Iceland with elves singing and bells and children with perfect skin wearing the latest fashions of 1918, and your dead grandparents start running up that hill together. No polio or cardiac arrest and no car crashes or racism or halitosis. No wonder you're crying.”

viðrar vel til loftárása - This video hurts my heart but it's fantastic.

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