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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Hired!

So because I told lots of people I was looking for a job now a lot of people are asking about the job I got. Here's all the info in one grand place.

I'll be working for Covenant House Missouri which is in North City. " Covenant House is the largest privately funded nonprofit agency in North and Central America providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth. " They have a drop-in center for kids who aren't in school or just want to come by after school. That's where I'll be working, putting together health and nutrition classes, life skills classes, hanging out with kids and helping with whatever the Program Coordinator wants me to do since I am the Program Assistant. It's a real full time job from 10am to 6pm Monday - Friday. Does this mean I'm an adult?


Kristen said...

you're SORT OF an adult. i don't know a whole bunch of jobs that start at 10am ;) jk

congrats love! So excited for you!!

Mags said...

YAY!!! congrats girl, this sounds awesome and you'll be great at this!!!